On the morning of November 13, the "Party Building Leads the Way Forward" 2021 Shihudang Town "Two New" Organization jointly organized by the Town Comprehensive Party Committee, the Town Federation of Trade Unions, the Town Economic Development Office, the Town Chamber of Commerce, and the Town Smart Logistics Industry Cluster Party Committee The healthy walking activity was successfully held at the head of the Pujiang River. The town's "two new" party organizations organized 12 teams to participate in this healthy walking activity, and a total of 11 employees from our team participated. At the opening ceremony, all participating teams performed team demonstrations and shouted loud slogans. Our team is full of energy. Starting from the source of the Huangpu River, the mother river of Shanghai, "the head of the Pujiang River", we walked all the way to the former site of the "Shihudang" Station of the Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway in 1908, the Dongxia Village Homestead Translation Demonstration Site, Dongxia Landmark scenic spots with beautiful scenery and profound historical heritage, such as the village community service station and the Xinyuan Village History Museum, finally arrived at the first pine in the south of the Yangtze River. A total of 6 check-in points are set up for the healthy walking activity, and the whole journey is nearly 10 kilometers. At each point, there are tasks such as quizzes on party history, science and technology, humanities and ecology, drumming with one heart, and searching for "revitalizing stone lakes, we should be self-improvement", etc. After more than two hours of travel, through teamwork to complete the check-in task, I felt the rural beauty and cultural beauty of the small town of Shihudang. The healthy walking activity inspires Jialishi people's enthusiasm for competition, hard work and innovation, and the spirit of constantly challenging themselves. Everyone works together to feel the positive energy of walking forward, which is the meaning of this event.

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