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Pre-sales service commitment
Analyze every detail of product selection to help customers design air compressor configuration to ensure that product performance fully meets customer requirements.
Service commitment
The company solemnly promises:
1, The whole machine warranty for one year, lifetime maintenance;
2. After-sales service responds within 1 hour, personnel arrive at the scene within 24 hours, and spare parts and spare parts are in place at the same time. Emergency call service 1 small
The response within 12 hours is in place;
After-sales service
The company's after-sales service network strictly implements the service according to the after-sales service commitment, fully realizes the “quick and efficient” service.
1. Send professionals to the customer for on-site service, such as guiding equipment installation, commissioning or technical services;
2. Carry out one-by-one return visits, and collect and process quality feedback information in the form of visiting or sending “Engineering Quality Information Feedback Form”;
3, responsible for establishing after-sales service files. Collect and process customer after-sales service demand information to achieve customer satisfaction as the standard.

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